Thyme in my hands


Six, yes, 6 months on sabbatical now and loving it! I rediscovered my passion for gardening! This blog will feature my garden ‘babies’, aside from other things that have been occupying my days.

What do I love about gardening?
1. It reminds me that like a lot of things in my life, there are things that I can’t rush. I just have to wait and let nature take over…. Such as waiting for seeds to sprout or flower buds to form.
2. Working with my bare hands, tilling soil, planting seeds, repotting plants – these are such simple pleasures I really enjoy after spending decades toiling away on a desk in jobs that really squeezed the life out of me.
3. The glory of seeing flowers bloom, from plants that came from tiny seeds is just amazing. I feel connected to nature. A little part of me is in every plant living in my garden.
4. For some, gardening is instinctive. To have a ‘green thumb’ must mean just that. This doesn’t apply to me. Gardening is a science. And that is what fascinates me. I learn something awesome everyday!
5. Gardening forces me to work outside, slathered in SPF50, with dirt under my fingernails, splashes of mud on my feet, sweating in the summer heat. How boring life would be if I just let myself be taken hostage by the AC, TV, and all my other gadgets?!
6. I can just step outside and pinch some rosemary, thyme, sage, tarragon, lemongrass, oregano, calamansi, hot peppers, and several varieties of basil! Ahhh… I really have to learn to cook! More on that later.

On top of all these, I get to help my hubby decorate our new home with plants that I lovingly nurtured, most from seeds!

Rave of the day:
My Thungergia mysorensis and Aristolochia ringens vines are all set to climb their custom trellises in the new house! Here are their photos before transplanting. Will post photos from the new house soon. Hoping they’re happy there!



Rant of the day:
This infernal summer heat is giving me headaches. Been drinking lots of water but it doesn’t seem to help 😦



  1. mallotte

    hi! tita annie brought home your seeds. more seeds to plant!

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