Beyond table setting

I found this really essential book every hostess should have on her book shelf.
Grab it, absorb it, love it, live it, share it.

I am definitely buying the ebook! Take a sneak peak at reluctantentertainer’s blog:

Day 1. Why Entertain: The People — Reluctant Entertainer.

What got me hooked was an excerpt from the link above about asking ourselves why we entertain people in our homes.

What’s your answer? I know mine.

I long to connect with family and friends on an honest, genuine, personal level, not just through Facebook, Twitter and my blog. So much technology has done to make us used to digital, impersonal interaction. Face time is what I yearn.

What entertaining should NOT be about is parading your centerpieces, table linens, charger plates, cutlery, and perceived fabulousness as a hostess. I have personally felt uncomfortable as a guest, subjected to narcissistic entertaining. What a turn off! I felt like just another table accessory – which makes me think that I should’ve gotten paid to join the charade.

Just to be clear, I am not against beautiful table setting and a well prepared meal! It’s just that these things take a backseat to the real reason for the whole extravaganza: connecting with the guests at a deeper level than being just another prop.

Wow. All these thoughts and feelings surfaced from just excerpts from the book. I am looking forward to engulfing the book, cover to cover!

Next time I attend a gathering, I will compliment the host for the warm welcome and for making me feel at home… then I’ll compliment the food and the table setting. Let’s encourage gracious entertaining, not the other kind.

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