For the love of Jugs

While sitting on our rental home’s porch for good few hours today, basking in the warm breeze of such a hot summer day, with glasses of iced water parading continuously to my side table… I thought of jugs.

No. NOT THOSE JUGS. Pitchers and carafes!

These functional things don’t get the glory they deserve! Especially in this part of the world where we gulp down cold drinks like anything. I know I must be downing a few liters of water everyday! Add juices, teas, and such to that! I’ve always believed that beautiful things shouldn’t just be ‘saved’ for special occasions. What a waste! I’d rather use them everyday. It makes a lot of sense for silverware that only get tarnished from non-use.

Here are some awesome pieces I am currently lusting for:

Hans Jug – Zara Home

Maria Jug – Zara Home

Pewter Pitcher – Match of Italy

Bernadotte Thermal Carafe – Georg Jensen

Black Contour Thermal Jug – Menu of Denmark

Pewter Pitcher – Target

Flutes & Pearls Pitcher – Wilton Armetale

Horn Pitcher – Zgallerie

That’s a lot of drinks!!! Makes perfect sense. If you live so far away that it seems like an out of town trip just to visit you… There better be drinks waiting! Not just water, juice and plain coffee too… Wink, wink 🙂

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