M.Magnifica day!

Yesterday, hubby had work to do in Lucena so I tagged along.

On the way to Lucena, he suggested that I kill time in SM Lucena while he was at work (for maybe an hour). First, I thought I wanted to go to BOOKSALE to look for art books I can tear apart and frame for our bare walls (another project waiting for inspiration)…

But, I felt that itch still – to go treasure hunting!

I couldn’t find swap meets or vintage shops so I just meandered to an Ukay-Ukay, the ‘Baguio Branch’ at Quezon Ave. corner Cabana St.

I found a very helpful article in myquezon.com that pointed me to this particular Ukay-Ukay. Apparently, it’s the one with the nicer selection.

I wasn’t really planning to torture myself with dust and heat overload so I gave myself 30 minutes. I walked out with 2 cotton sun dresses that I can use at home for really warm afternoons.

Not the high point of my day yet!

On our way home, we found Chito’s Garden in Lukban.

Chito’s garden had a few varieties of Bromeliads, philodendrons, succulents and the largest Medinilla Magnifica I’ve ever seen!

I’ve always wanted to have a M. Magnifica since my dwarf variety shriveled.
So sad. That one was a gift from my good friend Tere. Looking back, I should’ve researched on Medinilla care. That was during my early attempts at gardening.


This one went home with us!
Ah, high point of my day! M. Magnifica finally mine!

Hubby chose a huge plant that I have yet to research on…


And I got this plant for free!


I will definitely go back to Chito’s Garden. The people were very hospitable!
They had a lot of gardening tips to share… most got lost in translation 🙂
These guys were winding down with their beers at 3ish in the afternoon.
Perfect time to mingle and share gardening tips (the beers probably had a lot to do with being lost in translation).

Bromeliads and more M. Magnifica next time I swing by…
And maybe another round of Ukay-Ukay treasure hunting 🙂
I love road trips!
Tomorrow… TAGAYTAY! Yey!


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