Seeing Red

What the (bleep) was I thinking?!?
I do love a challenge but I AM ATTEMPTING TO GROW JAPANESE RED MAPLE FROM SEED in this horrid heat! This is something else. CRAZY.

As usual, I let my fingers do the thinking. This plant was in a list from one of my favorite online shops and clickety-click I go. SOLD!
Then I receive the tiny parcel with instructions for cold stratification. Huh?
Googled it. Got it.
Stick into seed mix, moisten, encase in air tight container…
And, keep in fridge for a few months!
I almost forgot it was there.

Then one day, I remembered!
There were tiny seed heads peeking from beneath the seed mix’s surface! GASP!
“They’re ALIVE!!!”, I exclaimed. I nearly fainted.

We’re not out of the woods yet! A few have dampened off. Dead 😦

Right now, I only have 1 that’s struggling to cope with this summer heat!
Two other seedlings pushed thru the surface last time I got myself a drink from the fridge.
I am really hoping at least another one survives!

So why have I lost my marbles attempting the impossible?

Here’s why…


Wow, right!?! Such a beautiful, graceful, lively looking specimen in the garden…
Well, that is if any of them survive the torture of summer.

I am obsessed with pressing the soil to check for moisture…
Not too wet. Not too dry. Has to be just right.

This is one of the plants that wake me up in the morning!



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