Crazy for vines

Vines come in several forms – twiners, scramblers, clinging vines and vines with tendrils.
I enjoy growing all kinds.
I need a lot of trellises and wall supports for all the vines that I have collected!
And, I’m not even done searching for some rare kinds that have eluded me to date.

PASSIFLORA QUADRANGULARIS or Giant Granadilla is the newest addition to my collection.
Who could resist the beautiful red and purple flowers! This is a passion fruit vine too!
I can make passion fruit juice from this! Great bonus!


I’ll have to wait for these babies to grow and bloom though!

These vines need quite some space to spread and a strong support structure.
I am still trying to figure out what we can build for it and where!

Another passion fruit variety that I am trying to grow is PASSIFLORA MINIATA or Scarlet Passion Flower.

I fell in love with this vine the moment I saw it at Ming’s Garden, Tagaytay.
This must be the same variety that I had been looking for since my first sighting of a passion fruit vine at Salud Restaurant in Baguio many years ago.
I had been enthralled by passion fruit vines from then on!

Fresh seeds are always the best way to ensure faster germination and more seedlings.
So my new challenge is to try to sprout these seeds from a Passiflora miniata fruit!

I wasn’t sure if the seeds were viable by the look of the fruit.
No idea what a ripe Passiflora miniata fruit looks like but I had to try.
So I carefully sliced the fruit and behold… black seeds ready to sow!

Next, I gently removed the pulp around each seed.
Then I let the seeds soak in its juice for 24 hours before planting in sterilized soilless seed-raising mix. Why? In nature, the seeds marinate in overripe fruits when the fall off the plant. So I assumed this would hasten germination.
Lightly sanding the hard seed coat also helps germination so I tried that with some of the seeds.

Now, there is nothing else to do but wait and try to keep the seed trays evenly moist in bright indirect sunlight!
Crossing fingers that I get at least a handful of seedlings!!!


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