I always see POSSIBILITIES, specially when I go treasure hunting in vintage shops, thrift stores, and ukay-ukays!

Really, when we first looked at the property that is now being renovated as our next home, I only saw possibilities. It was a deteriorated, badly maintained house with a lot of space for my plants, a pool that had seen much better days, and a view of hills and trees that needed much better ‘framing’.

It’s not only giving something another chance to be loved and admired.
It’s also good for the environment to restore and reuse things that otherwise would just add to the earth’s ever-growing junk pile.

These poor things had been neglected for years at my in-law’s place.





Rarely used, rarely cleaned.
They were sad so I just had to ask my late MIL if I could try to restore them and keep them to use everyday at our new house. She was very happy to find them a new home where they would be loved and given the attention they needed!

I set out to gather my arsenal and dedicated a day for my silver cleaning/polishing project.

The arsenal:
Tin foil
Boiling hot water
Rock salt
Baking soda
Non-abrasive sponges
Container that fits the biggest silver piece
Rubber gloves
Non-abrasive cloth wipes (microfiber recommended)
Wright’s Silver Cream


Step 1:
Tear off tin foil to cover the bottom of the container, shiny side up.
Add 3 Tbsp each of baking soda and rock salt.
Pour boiling hot water – enough to cover the biggest silver piece.
Submerge silver pieces in water-baking soda-salt mix, making sure they are touching the tin foil at the bottom of the container.
Let soak for an hour or so, turning the pieces once in a while so that each side touches the tin foil during the soak.
Wipe off blackish film from the silverware with sponge.

Step 2:
After the soak, rinse all silver pieces with clean water.
Wipe off water with non-abrasive cloth wipes.
Discard the blackish soak water and the blackened tin foil.

Step 3:
Apply Wright’s Silver Cream to silver pieces with a sponge.
Rub, rub, rub off the remaining dark tarnish marks with another sponge until the shiny surface appears.
Change sponges when they become too soaked in blackish cream.
Rinse silver pieces with clean water. (Best to rinse a few pieces at a time to make sure the water droplets don’t dry into water marks.)
Immediately wipe off clean water and carefully polish surfaces with clean non-abrasive cloth wipes.

Voila! Super shiny! Just like new! Ready to use πŸ™‚




Step 4:
Display and use!
Silver is best preserved by using them often!
Some of these pieces are still waiting for the new house to be finished though.
They will be stored in air-tight containers with silica gel.

Step 5:
Take Alaxan!
Buffing these pieces to their shiny splendor takes a few hours of muscle power!
I ended up with noodle arms, wrist and hands!

Beautiful. I can’t wait to add to my silver collection! πŸ™‚


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