The secret to happiness…

Last week I was itching to go treasure hunting…
Other than a few summery pieces of clothing and plants, I found these cute bowls, cups, saucers and dessert plates in a Tagaytay thrift shop!

I walked into the shop hoping to find a few pieces I can mix whimsically with whatever I already have… But it seems that I ended up going a whole new direction! Classic me, my Hubby would say šŸ™‚

Oh well… That’s one of the ways to discover one’s style!

My wardrobe is an eclectic mix where I can put together outfits for any mood I might find myself in, whenever I wish. Why then should my China cabinet be any different?

After sifting through stacks of breakable stuff, I put aside some pieces, edited again and again, and finally walked out with only those I really adored.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to find a lot of matching sets or anything of much value.
This is especially true for thrift shopping!

I was lucky to find 4 pcs of these bone china plates in a delightful blue floral pattern!


There weren’t any matching cups, of course.
So my eyes just popped when my Hubby found these delicate white cups!
I love how they aren’t the same but can certainly sit together.


I love the pattern on this plate! It reminds me of 90’s Versace.


These aren’t bone china. They’re actually very common.
The pattern and colors called to me though and had enough to gather enough for two.


And lastly, Hubby loved this little spoon!
It will add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise boring jar of sugar,
or add a bit of panache to sprinkling sea salt.


These little ‘treasures’ are all bubble-wrapped and stored in a hard case along with the sparkling silverware, ready to find their proper places in our new home soon!

It’s great to know that we have something else to do in Tagaytay!
I am looking forward to the next road trip!


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