Eerie beauty

“Rare and unusual” – when I see this category in an online seed shop, I definitely take a lot of time poring through all the information on every plant on the list!

One that really jumped out of the screen and gripped me were the BAT PLANTS.


The black bat plant, TACCA CHANTRIERI, has a rather haunting inflorescence in an almost black deep maroon or dark brown. WOW.


The white bat plant, TACCA INTEGRIFOLIA NIVEA, has inflorescence in a mix of white and deep maroon.

How amazing and eerie are these plants?! I was hooked!



One caveat… they are notoriously difficult to grow! 1-6 months?!
My research says seeds can take up to 9 months to sprout! Just like human babies???
Add to that, they have very strict requirements for soil quality, humidity, air circulation, and light exposure.
WTH did get myself into??? Again.

PATIENCE. I’ve always kidded about this not being one of my virtues.
It took a weird plant to teach me patience!


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