Silent greeter

So many choices. So many styles.
For some, a foyer mirror might not be so important.
After all, it only gets a fleeting glance as one passes thru from front door to living room and back. It’s lucky to be seen at all in homes with back doors.

But, for me, the foyer mirror is a silent greeter.
I prefer to see my reflection framed beautifully.
It sets the mood, along with ambient lighting that casts a welcoming warm glow to one’s face upon entering the front door.

I also believe that the foyer mirror is one of the most important pieces that help define the style and character of a home. It’s one of the first few objects one sees upon entering the house!

Hence, the effort and long wait to find just the right one!

For a long while, I had obsessed with foyer mirrors.
I gathered ideas from online shops, catalogues, magazines, etc.





I’ve seen a few hopefuls locally in the mall shops but none took my breath away.

I found THE ONE in an antique shop near Eastwood, Q.C.
It was really meant to go on our foyer wall!
I was looking for a substantial piece to fill most of the wall rather than something small that would leave too much dead space.


We almost chose this one, an old mirror from Spain.

But, after checking the dimensions, it would end up drowning in our deep green foyer wall.
I have no clue about rigid rules of proportion but the chunkier, more ornate piece just felt perfect for the space, paired with our foyer table that has delicate turned legs.

Next mission? Wall ornaments for the dining room! šŸ™‚



  1. That’s quite a silent greeter! And you wrote so beautifully about your search for it – thanks šŸ™‚

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