Eager to churn

As with most things I try to figure out, I am quite sure there is a science to ice cream making (cue hubby’s teasing ‘nerd, nerd, NERD!’ in the background).

This summer’s infernal heat was made worse by my incessant urge to do my gardening any time of day whether early mornings or early afternoons when the sun attempts to bake my plants!

To find some respite from heat exhaustion, hot flashes, heat stroke… I turned to ice cream.
Not the gourmet kind, but whatever was accessible.
Quezo Real and Reese’s made my hot summer days bearable!

So I started wondering… Could I make ice cream? Really good ice cream?
My friend Trish has offered to teach me how. Exciting!
But, my inner nerd told me to read up on the science before I stand beside a chef and attempt to learn ice cream making! 🙂

I’ll be poring over these books in the next few days!!!




Rainy season’s already started though…
Next summer, I’ll be churning, feasting on and serving home-made ice cream with this basic ice cream maker:

I’m not sure if I will enjoy making ice cream or if this machine is any good, but if I fall in love with making ice cream It would be great to have a machine with its own compressor!
First things first… finish my books!!!


One comment

  1. ate. kuya and i have a bandmate who makes ice cream for a living! haha. you should meet him sometime.

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