This nesting table used to be tucked in an obscure corner of a powder room at my in-law’s house.
Every time I used the powder room I would look at it and feel so sad that it was just there.
How sorry I felt for it, that it was hidden there, only to be kept company by people using the crapper!
It’s a beautiful nesting table with a heavy metal frame and marble tops!


So I asked my MIL if I could buy it from her to put in our new house.
She was all too happy to just give it to me, knowing that I would take care if it and give it a better place to stay. Yey!

She’s always happy when one of us appreciates her things.
It isn’t really much about the monetary value but it’s the whole experience behind each piece.
Like me, she used to travel a lot and find her way into flea markets, estate sales, thrift shops, and vintage shops to find interesting pieces for her home!
This nesting table, if I remember right, was shipped all the way from Europe.

After realizing it was made of brass, not just ordinary metal that had blackened with so much dirt, I knew that this was going to be another makeover project!



Arsenal- basin, non-abrasive sponges, detergent, masking tape, ventilated face mask, rubber gloves, Brasso polishing cream, clean rags, Alaxan

Step 1:
Wash as much of the grime as possible in luke warm water and detergent with a none-abrasive sponge.

Step 2:
Protect marble edges with masking tape (wasn’t sure if ammonia would be safe for the marble).
Gear up with rubber gloves and a mask!
The brass polishing cream wreaks of ammonia!

Step 3:
Coat tarnished brass generously with cream.
Let cream sit a few seconds and rub with cream-soaked non-abrasive sponge.
Repeat until the surfaces resemble brass!

Step 4:
Buff with rags.

Step 5:
Apply a thin layer of olive oil.
This protects the surface from tarnishing for some time (just dust and reapply every so often).

Step 6:
Step back and admire!

Step 7:
Take Alaxan!
Just like polishing silver, buffing brass can be a real pain!




I have no idea how old this nesting table is or how it looked when it was fairly new.
One thing I’m sure of is that I didn’t want a gaudy shine on antique brass pieces!
I’m happy to reveal the brass under all that grime and yet keep it’s wonderful patina!
This might go to our living room or our bedroom, definitely not in a powder room or bathroom!
It deserves so much more than that!


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