Secret garden

One thing that I am thankful for about the new house is the space we have for plants!
But, we realized that we needed trees to provide some shade for most of my ornamental plants, and also to help cool the area.
It can get really hot!!! My plants will bake!
That’s not the kind of baking I want going on in our house!

For quite some time now, we’ve been planning and putting off looking for a shop to buy saplings, not really knowing where to start.
We knew it wouldn’t be easy.
The soil in most parts of Antipolo, if not everywhere, is clayish.
I’m really worried to plant anything directly on the clayish, unconditioned ground.
I’ve been used to potting my babies in nutrient rich, well draining, compost-rich, store-bought medium!

But I’m absolutely certain that I want fruit trees! It all makes sense!
Number 1 – I need to add more fruit to my diet, especially those high in vitamin C!
Number 2 – It’s always been a fascination of mine to walk the garden with a basket and pick fresh organic dessert ingredients from trees and shrubs I tended to myself!
Number 3 – My ornamental plans need shade.
Number 4 – Trees and more shrubs will help cool the area.
Number 5 – Trees and bigger forms of plants will soften the space and provide continuity to the expansive view of trees beyond our fence. There’s way too much concrete, stone and iron. It just makes me cringe!

I was ecstatic to discover that there is this place called SECRET GARDEN OF DORIS “Home of Exotic Fruit Trees” just beside our village!!!
I’ve seen this sign before but assumed that it was just another resort with a pool and videoke!
And since I feel so utterly violated by all the videoke noise in our area, it never occurred to me to check it out.

I was jumping for joy when we found out that Secret Garden of Doris is actually an organic orchard and they sell exotic fruit trees!!!
They sell organic, nutrient-rich top soil by the truckload too!
Saplings available were:
mangosteen, valencia orange, satsuma orange, king mandarin, meyer lemon, atis, durian, latexless langka, guyabano, giant duhat, magellan pummelo, variegated calamansi, variegated valencia orange, dalandan, balimbing, green macopa, miracle fruit, dragon fruit, golden queen mango, rambutan, lychee, lanzones, variegated chico, apple … And I know I don’t remember everything I saw during the tour!
There were a few varieties that were still being propagated though, like blueberry, persimmon and apricot! Amazing!!!

So many citrus varieties for my vitamin C fix!

Variegated orange variety:

Magellan Pummelo:





Valencia orange:


Variegated calamansi:





Dragon fruit (red flesh variety):



Atis (variety with fleshy, small fruits with less seeds):



Golden queen mango (a single fruit weighs 1kg!):


Blueberry (I think it’s not happy about the heat!):


My list so far:

After Manny, the marketing guy at SGD, evaluated our tiny site for the future mini-orchard, we added rambutan to my list. I had no idea that our tiered garden could actually fit so many fruit trees! It was was easy to figure out after identifying the size and space requirements of each tree.
I’m now convinced that even a small pocket garden can actually have a fruit tree!

To my friends who always wanted to try organic gardening and have fresh fruit from your own garden… It’s doable!
It’s not expensive either! The initial budget I had in mind for just one tree ended up being higher than the cost of all the saplings on my list!
Just don’t expect a full grown fruiting tree to be transplanted to your garden. That will be expensive. But if you’re willing to wait a year or two for the trees to get established and bear fruit, then it’ll be affordable!
Visit Secret Garden of Doris and ask Manny to help pick a tree for your space!

8B Sitio Malanim, Brgy. Dela Paz
Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City
Call (02)4081308, 0917-9976194


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  1. It’s my first time to know that there’s a place here in the Philippines that are trying to propagate blueberry, persimmon and apricot. I also want to have some of those anytime soon.

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