I just realized… I’ve been going on road trips often this summer! But mostly just to the south as far as Lucena.

So, aside from plant shopping and treasure hunting, naturally the trips included eating out.
My hubby and I were getting tired of the usual stops so we looked for something exotic this last trip to Lucena.
And exotic was exactly what we found!

COMIDA EXOTIKA in Pagsanjan called to us on the way to Lucena!



The facade alone was interesting enough to earn a second glance.
We had to check it out on our trip back later in the afternoon.

It had this warm, cozy, welcoming ambience. It really looked like the owners put a lot of attention to details.


Even the garden seemed well tended and interesting.



I didn’t like the faux flowers mixed in with real plants near the al fresco bar though. Didn’t bother to take snap shots of those!

We stayed at the al fresco area though, so I can puff away 🙂



Their exotic menu included sting ray, eel, goat and shark but other kinds of exotic fare can be arranged ahead of time depending on availability.


I was so relieved that these guys weren’t part of the offerings!



I wasn’t in the mood for sting ray, frog, goat, shark or eel that day so we just ordered ‘normal’ food.
We’ll have the exotic stuff when we go back with friends!
It’s so much more fun that way, right?!



The fancy sago’t gulaman didn’t really excite me but at least they looked good.
Ginataang Alimasag, Sinigang na Maliputo and a last minute order of Lechon Kawali was our early dinner. Tasted like home-cooked meals… comfort food.

I think I wasn’t so much into the food since it was an early dinner, plus I got so distracted by the outdoor cast iron chairs!!!


I know they are very common and usually sold painted white, in sets, with matching marble-top tables.
My mother has a set of these that had seen much better days.
Painted in this high gloss black or maybe an aubergine or deep green and set against our zebra-patterned veranda tiles and an organic wood trunk coffee table… chairs like these will surely add some fun and panache to lazy afternoon tea time!
I just love making something uncommon out of the most common things.
It’s just so boring to buy sets and bring them home to make our living space look like just another showroom.
Anyone with money to spare can do that. But, that’s no fun! And, that doesn’t really create much character.
Bland, boring… can’t!

Those chairs!!! Yet another thing to search for… My list is getting longer and longer!
So even though we’ve been itching to finish the renovations to move in to the house, I believe it’s meant to be a long wait! Gives me all the time I need to find, process and apply all the ideas!

So, exotic fare it will be on our next visit to Comida Exotica.
In the meantime, I will be on a mission to find those chairs! 🙂


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