Since I can’t have you…

I have lusted for Angelo Mangiarotti’s Giogali chandelier from the moment I first saw one many years ago. Designed in 1967, the Giogali is made of handblown Murano glass links that can be configured according to one’s desired length.
It’s timeless elegance and simplicity, as well as versatility, makes vintage Giogali pieces coveted classics fetch a few thousand dollars in auctions!
New Giogali chandeliers are sold by shops like DWR (Designs Within Reach) for a little over USD 2,000.

Needless to say, I still don’t have a Giogali!
I’d rather tick off all the kitchen appliances on my wish list for the price of one chandelier!

Imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw this at Zgallerie San Diego, during their closing out sale a while back!!!

It cost a fraction of a genuine Giogali and it’s not made of Murano glass… But, the overall look and feel comes close.
We still have to get some work done in the master bath though, so we were only able to install the metal frame, try the bulb with the dimmer switch, and play around with a few glass links.







AWESOME. I can’t wait to put all of the glass pieces in place!
This will illuminate our claw-footed cast iron soaking tub atop a black granite platform in the master bath.
I am so going to take long, lush baths when we move to the house!

So, no Giogali. But we can still afford to get kitchen appliances, and we can take luxurious baths.
Not feeling so bad about Giogali now 🙂


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