So I do have maternal instincts after all…

This is my 3 year old female Chihuahua, Bambina, sleeping on our bed after a dose of Benadryl.
What a relief to see her restful and calm after an allergy attack that kept my Hubby, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and myself up till midnight. We’re lucky we kept a bottle of Benadryl from her last episode and thank God for google! I had lost her prescription and had to find out the correct dosage while in panic last night. 1gm per pound. Crisis averted. She slept like a baby the whole night, hives and swelling gone. I was just waiting for Hubby to get home for a trip to the vet. I gave Bambina a refreshing bath (allergen-free shampoo) and she looked up an about. She even finished her breakfast.

However, Benadryl wore off at noon. Or, she got exposed to the same allergen.
Her yaya (also yaya to the three other dogs) went to me in panic, to tell me I had to see Bambina immediately. I was on the opposite side of our compound having lunch with my sister-in-law and her kids. I rushed home to find her face covered with hives, ears so red, feverish, panting, lapping up so much water and scratching so much she couldn’t walk straight!!!

I didn’t have time to google anymore. Benadryl first, then I just instinctively cradled her on my lap that always works to calm her down. I had to stop her from scratching to prevent her from hurting herself. Her ears, belly and armpits (I have no idea what their armpits are called!) were burning hot and red! I knew I had to cool her down so i did cold compress for a few minutes on her ears, and everywhere else that felt too warm. While doing this, I talked to her in a soothing, reassuring tone, and checked myself for feelings of fear and uncertainty. Dogs are very sensitive to emotions and can read body language very well. I had to make her feel that I have everything under control to make her feel safe, lower her heart rate, and to keep her conscious. I wanted to break down and cry but it wouldn’t help her.

We went to the vet when she had calmed down. The vet confirmed that it was an allergy attack. Heart rate and body temp had normalized. He also confirmed my dosage of Benadryl was correct. If I hadn’t given her Benadryl, her heart would have failed from stress!

I am thankful that I was just a minute away when this happened and that my in-laws treated the situation like one of their nieces had an emergency.

Dogs may be just dogs to some people. For me, my dogs are my kids. I can’t imagine life without them. I am lucky that my Hubby is just as much of a dog-lover as I am!

I always tell Bambina I love her, sometimes as a matter of routine. But I felt how much I really love her while cradling her on my lap, fighting back the tears, keeping my fear and panic to myself. I was not going to relive the first and last time I held our baby, Raithe, in my arms many years ago. Bambina, my baby now, will survive.


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