Vintage fixation

My Hubby says I’m obsessive. He claims that whenever something piques my curiosity, I end up throwing myself into it and won’t stop until I know everything about it or if that something can be purchased… He wouldn’t hear the end of it until the object of my obsessive fixation finds its way home with me!

Do I dare disagree? Since my Hubby is a lawyer, I say “I take the fifth”! 🙂

What’s the current curiosity? VINTAGE home decor & furnishings.
I can’t say I can be an expert on the matter nor end up bringing home whatever catches my attention. But I love being around beautiful vintage pieces and visualizing them in our home.
I also enjoy researching about things I like! This helps me determine what actually has any value or history and what’s just kitchy. Not that I will go for just the value, sometimes I like the real deal but other times I go by gut feel. Reminds me of my buying style way back when I was a fashion buyer! A mix of both always make a more interesting collection.

One savvy shopper of vintage treasures is my late mother-in-law. She was spot on! I absolutely love her enthusiasm. Sadly, not everyone has the eye or appreciation for her vintage finds. Some of her beautiful things remained stored or tucked away in lonely corners of her house. It gave me so much joy to see her eyes light up when I noticed her vintage pieces. She always had a story to tell of how she found an item and how they were shipped or hand carried by friends and relatives during her years of traveling.

Mama shopping for vintage treasures!
I don’t know where this photo was taken. Could be New York or somewhere in Europe where she loved to get her vintage loot. I would have loved to string along!!!

It would have been fun and informative to have visited this antique shop in Tagaytay with Mama! Most pieces were from Europe but I spotted some vintage glassware from the U.S.

My Hubby liked this lamp. I liked it too but wasn’t sure about the scale and where it could go in the house.

We both liked this German writing desk with chair. The desk had a lot of functional storage! But, we had our hearts set on a modern glass piece that could accommodate two chairs.

This 2-level marble and brass table would look fantastic next to a modern chair!

These tables really called to me!!! But, if we got these, our bedroom wouldn’t have floors when we move in! So, maybe not meant to be for now.
20110519-025556.jpg 20110519-025623.jpg

I’m really drawn to this shape and the marble top. They look substantial and brings a feeling of formality to a room. I don’t intend to put all these period furniture together in one room though. That would not be my style. I like mixing it up!

We both wanted this love seat. But, it was way off our budget and if we got this, we would have to spend additional for reupholstering.

The vintage glassware were overpriced. I need some glass pieces to balance all the wood we have but not at these prices!

I was really sad to walk away from this. What a beauty!
It was a hefty sterling silver plated piece for an even more hefty price!

And lastly, china cabinets.
I never really appreciated them until I started reading up on entertaining. These seemingly outdated cabinets can store a lot of dinnerware, drink ware and serve ware – a hostess’ entire arsenal! I will have one of these and I don’t care if it seems outdated. I’ll probably jazz it up with flocked interiors and LED lights.
20110519-032011.jpg 20110519-032044.jpg
Heck, UK’s Jimmie Martin completely transforms cabinets into functional art!

Jimmie Martin Ltd.

We didn’t buy anything but we now know where to find what we like! Good to know!


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