A magnificent surprise

MEDINILLA MAGNIFICA… A name so apt! Magnificent, indeed.
The one that I have is already 4 feet tall with hot pink flowers! I LOVE this color!
Indigenous to the Philippines, this particular variant is probably the showiest of Medinillas. Growing up to 6 feet when potted and taller when planted on the ground, it is a sight to behold. Flowers grow in pendulous clumps, resembling a living chandelier.
I would’ve wanted to have more of this in my garden except that it thrives better in filtered sunlight. I have yet to plant trees! Until then, my Medinilla Magnifica remains potted away from the searing heat of the sun.

Another variant I have is the dwarf version with light pink blooms – a gift from my favorite nursery in Tagaytay.

I have yet to own the Pearl Medinilla that has dark pink flower stalks with white flowers that shed into seed pods to resemble white pearls!

After the flowers drop, they leave berry-looking seed pods.

The garden geek that I am picked the dark, almost black seed pods from my plants, pierced them, and squeezed the gel-covered tiny seeds into seed-raising media.

I wasn’t really sure if this would amount to anything. But, in a few days… SURPRISE!!!
Micro seedlings poking through the moist media!!!

I am watching these babies like a hawk! Really hoping that some of them survive in time for the shade of my mini orchard!



  1. Yaz

    You are so amazing. Ang tyaga mo. Ako din sana.

    • Guilty! Tiyaga and time makes all these possible… The plants, the blog, the constant reflection of life lessons learned. But, I didn’t always have tiyaga and time! I got back to gardening about 2 years ago when I heard a loud thud on our roof! Our neighbor’s pomelo tree launched a fruit in the middle of the night! Next day, we had it for breakfast. I didn’t realize a pomelo tree would fruit in a residential garden. I couldn’t resist the challenge! I planted the seeds… and forgot about it. With a full time job that was demanding at best, I had no time and patience for plants! Then after about a year, my maid tells me that this thorny plant needs to go to the other house (the one we are renovating) to be planted on the ground. There you go!

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