What 40 years taught me… a countdown to Monday!

7 days to go ’til the next decade.
Since 19, I’ve dreaded turning another decade. Depression sets in a few months prior to my birthday and the day itself, whether non-eventful or festive, was usually spent deep in contemplation.
It has nothing to do with vanity at all.
It has everything to do with reflection of life lessons learned and looking ahead to what awaits me.

So everyday before Monday, I am reaching deep and bringing to the surface realizations over the past 40 years that have undoubtedly molded me and will hopefully guide me in the future decades to come.

I am thankful for TRUE friendship that withstands time, distance, lifestyle changes, and difference of opinion.

I keep a few acquaintances and even fewer friends. But the ones I keep, I know will always say it to my face when I go wandering into crazy land. I also know that they appreciate the same from me – from a gentle nudge to the appropriate direction to a downright smack down.

To all my true friends… (you know who you are)… I am looking forward to many more years of gentle nudges… even smack downs! 🙂

I know I can always count on you guys to give me perspective. After all, a one-sided friendship is not a friendship at all… at least, not in my book.


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