A day to 41

It’s almost a week since I blogged about my countdown to my 41st birthday:
What 40 years taught me… a countdown to Monday! « Rica Rants & Raves.
For the whole week preceding my birthday, I am sharing, everyday, what I have learned in the past 40 years, what I believe, and what may shape the rest of my life.

Today, I am celebrating HAPPINESS!

One of the most telling ways of how I’ve changed through the years, more significant than how many new lines appeared around my eyes or my increasing repulsion to the digits on a weighing scale or the degree of excitement I get from browsing horchow.com, is the answer to “what makes me happy?”:

…glancing at my Hubby while he’s ogling at his man crush, Craig Ferguson, knowing he doesn’t even notice me, and feeling happy for him that this crazy obsession helps him detoxify.

…spending hours in the car with my Hubby on a road trip, talking about anything and not feeling the hours go by.

…waking up each day to freshly brewed coffee, Charlie whipping my face with his tail, and then deciding what I want to prioritize for the day… plant seeds? Repot seedlings? Organize my closet? Read a book? Research for my blog? Make ice cream? Slather leather conditioner on my bags?

…spending the last few minutes of the day snuggling with my Hubby and Bambina while Maurice snores in his bed.

…looking for dessert and finding homemade ice cream in the freezer.

…seeing all my passionfruit seeds sprout and thrive.

…providing emotional support for friends and family in times of distress.

…knowing that I can always count on family for compassion like late night panic moments when Bambina had an allergy attack.

…true friends who’ve stood the test of time and distance.

…having a home that my Hubby and I customized to our unique needs, including a good-sized garden for all my ornamentals and edible plants, and ample romp space for our doggies and ourselves.

…planning for trips with my Hubby, for the opposite side of the world for a month-long vacation or just a road trip for a day.

…knowing that I am being myself whether I’m all grubby in the garden or all made up for a formal event.

…when my Hubby reaches his hand and for a fleeting moment rests it on my foot or knee, or strokes my back, while we’re both busy doing or own things. It’s a conversation without words, rising above anything occupying our minds.

…knowing that I will always be curious and enthusiastic to learn new things.

In a nutshell, instead of going insane in pursuit if happiness, I just decided to live a meaningful, compassionate, truthful, love-filled life, doing what I enjoy! It was a DECISION I MADE because I realized I can’t blame anyone else for my misery anymore.

Wow. I’ve come a long way! I am happy that I no longer seek happiness from the wrong sources. Well, at least now I know that a new pair of shoes are just… shoes 🙂

The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up. – Charles L. Morgan


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