This is an update to my blog “Seeing Red” last month.

Seeing Red « Rica Rants & Raves.

It’s confirmed. My Japanese Red Maple seedlings are DEAD.
Yep, I watched helplessly as they wilted in tropical hell! I felt so bad having gone thru the tedious exercise of cold stratification, then everyday moving the tray from direct morning sun to a bright shaded spot in the patio.

My friend Gin (no, not the bottle!) has several Japanese maples in her yard soaking up the fantastic California weather. ENVY. She says I’m lucky to have orchids and hibiscus in my part of the world. RIGHT.

I’ve been brooding about the now deceased Japanese maples for weeks! Talk about finding happiness in the wrong places! I totally took for granted that I have a bunch of RED SHIELD HIBISCUS (Hibiscus acetosella)!
They’ve grown taller than me in just a few months! I should have tried to gulp down Osmocote complete and MiracleGro!

I was researching how to prune the Red Shield Hibiscus and found out from this link that it was the tropical Japanese wannabe: Hibiscus Acetosella Red Shield Flower Seed.

And, apart from being a fast grower, they can be pruned into bushes or trained into a small tree!!! I knew I was on to something when I got those seeds. I was so enthralled by the maple-like maroon leaves. Now I don’t have to keep on killing Japanese Maples!

Another life lesson learned from my garden! Happiness happens when you stop insisting on what you want and open your eyes to what you already have! Happy birthday to me! 🙂

Special thanks to my friend Gin for mentioning that I am lucky to grow hibiscus! Lucky indeed 🙂


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