Ice Cream Madness

It’s started to rain but it’s still pretty warm! I said in my past blog that I’d be churning next summer.

Eager to churn « Rica Rants & Raves.

Well, impatience got the best of me, and a “Buy 2, Take 1” deal on Valencia oranges at the local grocery shop. I attempted to make David Lebovitz’s Orange Popsicle Ice Cream from this book:
I ended up grating my thumb on a box grater… and a bitter, grainy, runny ice cream.
I went the farthest from perfect!

Failure only made me want to keep trying!
So, on to the next recipe: Maiz con Queso
Honestly, I enjoyed it so much (even Hubby!) that this was the only portion left by the time I whipped out my camera! The original recipe called for sweet corn that had to be boiled then shaved. I was lazy. I used a can of creamed corn. Worked out okay. Next time, I’ll use cheddar cheese though. A stronger cheese would contrast the sweetness of the corn and add a punch of color.

So the second attempt wasn’t so bad. But I wanted better, and I felt a natural high while whipping eggs and cream and watching the ice cream thicken in the machine. That whirring sound was like music to my ears!

The last one I made was Blueberry Cheesecake.
An entire package of Philadelphia cheese would make anything yummy!
I love Philly cheese!
This ice cream’s going to be a regular in my freezer! The recipe I found in a blog was great, but I prefer cheesecake that’s a bit tart. So I took a chance and threw in a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Mmmmmmm. I wake up in the morning telling myself to wait until lunch time to have a scoop! 🙂

Next on my list are: Peanut Butter ice cream and Black Sesame Seed ice cream. I just have to find black sesame seeds. I fell in love with Black Sesame Seed ice cream at Summer Palace, Shangri-la Plaza Hotel. Can’t seem to shake the heavenly experience from my head! Where in this country can I get black sesame seeds??? Got to have it!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill



  1. Irene Alano-Rhodes

    Yuuuummmm! I am THE biggest ice cream fan! Fave is queso real in Manila and Honeycomb & Clotted cream in England! Thanks for sharing! If only I could taste ’em by eating this blog!!!

    • Ironic but I only crave ice cream when it’s sizzling hot in the peak of summer! I’ll make for you if you visit us here 🙂 I have plants waiting to be adopted too!

      Honeycomb & clotted cream sounds very intriguing! I can’t imagine how that tastes! “clotted cream” sounds ominous! LOL!

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