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My birthday weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to my favorite nursery – Ming’s Garden. Picked up gardenias to start the hedging in the lower garden near the gazebo site.

And, I couldn’t resist this Medinilla magnifica that will have light pink flowers! It seems like I am starting a Medinilla collection!

I hope to get this one next! Lavenderish flowers! Lovely!

As usual, I go there with a list, trying to be targeted. But I still walk the vast grounds to ogle at all the beautiful, healthy plants. It feels so serene yet invigorating! It must be the elevation, or the oxygen released by so many plants, or just that I am so into plants.
One day, I will have a nursery too. Ha! Too much Rhonda Byrnes! 🙂
Who knows? I’m already starting a mini-orchard!





I would love to cluster my broms like this!!! Except that huge one is an Imperiales that goes by a few thousand pesos a piece! Actually, something like P15k. I’m not surprised though. They take forever to grow. I have babies and will need a time machine to see them that big!!!
I’d rather get my KitchenAid mixer first for instant gratification. I can learn to be patient… until I come up with another P15k for a plant!

Hubby liked this vine though we were told this could get really invasive and encourage the proliferation if snakes. Yikes.

This is an interesting vine I call “Jack and the beanstalk”. I forgot what it’s really called! It has huge leaves reaching about 10 inches wide and whitish velvety tips. They look like they will strangle me while I sneak a smoke in our bedroom veranda! I will pass on this… creepy!

Aristolochia ringens (Dutchman’s Pipe) flower! I have dozens of seedlings waiting to find their place in the garden.

I should’ve asked for some organically grown pineapples! Got too distracted by the scenery!

I will never get tired of visiting Ming’s! It recharges my soul 🙂


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