Mini orchard!

My mini orchard is happening very soon!
Two weeks ago, Hubby and I discovered Secret Garden of Doris in Antipolo:
Secret garden « Rica Rants & Raves.
Today, we visited the nursery and picked out my first 3 saplings! Phase 1 of 3! Yey!

GOLDEN QUEEN MANGO (Mangifera Indica) originates from Taiwan. In about 2-3 years, we’ll be able to enjoy it’s humongous fruits weighing up to 1.7 kilos! I’m so excited about this mango! It has hardly any fiber and sweet even before it ripens.

RAMBUTAN (Nephelium lappaceum) – the R5 variety from Malaysia has big, intense red fruits, with smooth and sweet flesh that separates easily from the seeds. Juicy!

VARIEGATED CHICO has green and yellow leaves and smaller but sweeter fruits than the common chico. I chose this to add contrast to the all-green foliage of the other fruit trees.

All of the saplings we’re getting will bear fruit in 2-3 years. They are still spindly from being in those black plastic nursery bags. Once thriving on the ground, with proper care and maintenance, I’m confident they will take off really well in our sunny garden! In any case, Secret Garden of Doris is just outside our village. I’m assured of regular visits to check on progress!

A surprise view of our house and tiered garden from the nursery! Hubby got all excited to see this side of the house and snapped a photo while I was busy choosing a Golden Queen Mango sapling! The nursery gardeners can actually see their trees in our garden anytime!

Tomorrow is planting day! I am brimming with anticipation!!! 🙂


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