Ukay Wonderland


I wouldn’t call myself an expert in Ukay-Ukay shopping at all. I just revisited Ukay-ukays lately since I’ve been on road trips a lot this summer. I find provincial ones less daunting. I’m pretty sure the ones in Manila have treasures too but I won’t brave traffic here.

Why do I shop Ukay-ukay?
1. I like the idea of having one of a kind pieces. Of course those clothes are commercially produced before they got into the Ukay market but it’s going to be a rare occurrence to bump into anyone wearing the same thing!

2. I get a thrill from mixing up Ukay finds and my own store-bought clothes! I do shop from the usual make-them-by-the-hundreds brands but if I wear an entire outfit from just one store – it feels bland.

3. I hone my creativity while Ukay shopping. There are just so many looks, fabrics, shapes, and colors! In the mall shops, there will be just a few themes or collections per season. That’s too limiting! I went thru a self-discovery this summer, having been confused about what I should be wearing at my age (previous job compelled me to look like I’m in my 20’s x surfer girl x sk8r girl!). If I just did malling, brands like Zara, Topshop and Promod would’ve dictated my style. I don’t like being confined to whatever’s in the malls.

4. Ukay clothes are dirt cheap. Honestly, I really need to tighten my belt while the house is still getting done! But, they don’t have to look cheap! Pairing them with luxurious bags, shoes and jewelry is the way to go! I get a kick out of the juxtaposition of a P150.00 Ukay blouse against a Chloe bag and a chunky status ring!

5. Ukay shopping is my “me time”. I do it alone in a focused, almost zen state of mind!

So everyday, until I ran out of material, I’m posting my fabulous finds!
I recently took photos of the treasures I found for my closet app. Been keeping a photo inventory of things I need to organize for the walk-in closet!

Today’s featured Ukay finds!
I love the colorful embroidery that’s mirrored on the back. The body is lined. Great fit too! I wear this with boyfriend shorts, and sandals. Looks great with pearls, green colored stones, coral and topaz.
This is a bit oversized but I love the fabric! It’s light as a feather and keeps me cool at high noon on a warm summer day. Great with jeans, shorts and wedge sandals (though lately, I’ve been too lazy to retrain my feet and calves to wear heels). Amethysts and an orange Balenciaga bag dress up this piece rather well!



  1. mallotte

    love to shop in ukay but kinda frustrating to find sizes for me, particularly my batwings. hehehe!

  2. We’re the same size naman ha?! Just a bit challenging. Good na rin that not everything fits… Otherwise, I’ll be buying more! 🙂

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