Today’s featured finds: silk & print!


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

100% Silk makes this very light and airy, weighed down only by embroidery at the hems. I love the long triangular hem, kept together by just one shell button. It’s a day to night piece that’s best with denim shorts and skinny jeans. A horn-handled deep red YSL bag brings out the maroon embroidery. Gold and fiery white opal adds life to this somber blue grey top!

I fell in love with the print of this shirt dress! Reminds me of Spanish tiles. Colorful yet not blinding. It’s fun and yet the shirt structure makes me feel a bit dressed up even with beach sandals.
Whenever I shop, I look for details that make a piece stand out: fabric quality, self-fabric buttons, camouflaged pockets, and natural fabric trims. The brand is not always the deal maker!



  1. tina

    love the shirt dress!

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