Mini pizza with Genovese basil

After so much excitement the afternoon after picking out trees from the nearby nursery… Hubby and I got sooo hungry! I made mini pizzas!

My favorite pizza is Shakeys thin crust cheese and garlic with anchovies and mushrooms. So on the last grocery run, I grabbed frozen mini pizza dough, Italian pizza sauce, mozzarella, anchovies and mushrooms. EVO and garlic are staple supplies so I just stepped out to snip a few Genovese leaves. We ran out of Tabasco though so I just sprinkled Japanese chili powder.

Easy, yummy snack!
This should be a great snack that kids can help make. Just wipe olive oil on the dough, pop in an oven toaster until golden and crispy.
After cooling for a bit, slather pizza sauce, toss garlic, basil, cheese, anchovies and mushrooms. Pop in the oven toaster again for 4 minutes.
Voila! Ready to devour!

Gone in 3 minutes 🙂

Project for whenever: learn to make homemade pizza dough!
The frozen pizza was bland, puffy, and too thick. I want my pizza dough thin and crunchy!


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