Hubby and I finally finished off the Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream I made last week so today, for lunch, I thought of making Beignets (pronounced “ben-yeyz”).

My choices for homemade desserts are for now confined to those made by an ice cream maker or cooked, not baked. Various kinds of KitchenAid mixers are still waiting in my amazon wish list, awaiting the day we move in and get my 90cm range oven for the “clean” kitchen!

Beignets, though originating from France, was made popular by Cafe du Monde in the New Orleans french quarter, usually served with coffee. The cafe, established in the mid 1800’s, still sells Beignet mix in their website to this day.

Though sounding fancy and exotic, It’s actually very common!
These sweet fried fritters come in various forms: round with a hole is a doughnut, a flat mesh-like square is a funnel cake, served with honey is a Sopaipilla in Mexico… and I think our local Maruya is a Spanish form of Beignet too!

The original recipe I used before was from The Joy of Cooking but the book is probably buried in a box somewhere awaiting our move to the endlessly-being-renovated house. So I looked for a recipe online and found this: – Recipe – Beignets.

Most of the recipes needed dry yeast, which I don’t have and have yet to learn to use. So this one, I assumed, would be a breeze to make. And it was! Easy breezy! šŸ™‚

I remembered I still have some leftover blueberries from the ice cream last week so I brought it out and scooped a dollop on a few Beignets.

Great idea!

Hubby attacked most of it!
I was happy to make dessert out of whatever’s in the pantry and the fridge too!

Happy tummy! šŸ™‚


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