Today’s featured finds: muted pastels


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

I have very few pastel colors in my wardrobe, save for sleepwear and intimates. Pastels just don’t attract me as much as bold colors and black. However, lately I find that feminine colors complement my mood sometimes.

These two pieces caught my eye not just for color but the quality of the fabrics and the impeccable clean stitching. My experience in fashion merchandising, buying and product development certainly helps me identify well made articles of clothing from run of the mill stuff.

This tunic is made of Japanese cotton with a soft, almost fuzzy hand feel. The pin tucked detailing and structure of this peachy-pink tunic is a classic. I wear this with a lightweight scarf, skinny jeans, riding boots and a Tourmaline status ring.

This has the makings of a classic. The sleeves hide my untoned arms so well 🙂
It’s a bit too boxy but the neckline opens up just right to let my collar bones peek. Another plus is the bottom hem that sweeps up on the sides, making it look less of a child’s dress. Little details like this are what I look for when surrounded by hundreds of choices. I pair this with chunky sapphire accessories, flat sandals and one of my very first luxury bags, a Damier papillon LV.


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