Garland lamp

A while back, I blogged about our Icarus lamp by Tord Boontje:

Assembly required. « Rica Rants & Raves.

It isn’t ready for photography yet as we haven’t clipped on the wings. That will come when we’ve finally moved in.

However, we couldn’t wait to assemble one of the other two Tord Boontje lamp that I got from Habitat in Paris!

Unlit, it looks like a kitchy little copper sculpture of a plant.

Lit up at night, I am enthralled by it’s ethereal glow! I LOVE IT!

After seeing it lit up for the first time, I just sat back in awe.
What a beautiful sculptural piece!
I am not yet sure where this will go. Perhaps on the foyer table, in a dimly lit corner of the living room, or in the hallway leading to the powder room.
I want to see this always lit up! Such a joyful little lamp! I almost expect it to have a tiny bird chirping on its delicate branches 🙂

The other Tord Boontje lamp is a glossy black version of this one. A bit goth, yes. That one is reserved for the master bedroom… or the walk-in closet… or even in the master bath. How lovely to look at while soaking in the tub!


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