Today’s featured finds: drapery


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

This babydoll top in cream with cotton lace trim accents and tieback is made of 100% cotton fabric. It feels so organic… Perfect for a sunny day, hanging out al fresco at a cafe. Paired with distressed denim shorts or crisp linen pants (not for me though), flat sandals, a straw fedora, dainty vintage style fashion jewelry, and a slouchy whiskey Chloe bag… The look is still me on days when I fantasize about entertaining in our completely done gazebo on the lower garden by the pool, surrounded by gardenias and roses.

I was never really a fan of ruffles and overlapping drapery so I almost passed on this dusty pink layered top. I stay away from ruffles because they add bulk to my silhouette – like 20 pounds! I’m being really honest to myself. There is no possible way that my bone structure and lifelong weight issues will allow myself to transform into a waif! But I loved how the weight of the fabric minimizes the bulk of the drapery. Surprisingly, this top hides my arms and accentuates my collarbones. Not bulky at all!

There’s a side of me that really loves this look. I’ve been into vintage silver serving pieces, gardenias and tea roses lately that it’s crossed over to my clothing.
So feminine and sweet… and so out of character!


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