Today’s featured finds: structure, shape & form


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

This boxy top is easy to wear. It’s creamy white, in a cotton poly material that skims the skin. The lace bib detail, squared on the chest makes it less frou-frou. I love wearing pearls with this top, whether with shorts or jeans. It can go from lunch to afternoon tea to dinner and cocktails.

The jumpsuit. It’s really better suited to the tall, leggy and slender. In other words, not me.
But, stubborn that I am… this is jumpsuit #4! I have a tube with elastic ankle bands in aubergine, a black tube with cargo pant legs, and a black with dolman sleeves. A snake skin print jumpsuit didn’t quite agree with me… Topshop, I think… So I walked away, huffing and puffing.

For some reason, I feel tall in a monotone column. FEEL. I love how it’s so slouchy like wearing jammies but with substantial chokers, a pile of opera length necklaces, or chunky bangles… Instant glamour! It takes courage to step out in a jumpsuit. Well, courage is what I have… Not the long legs. That’s enough for me! 🙂

This one is a deep teal. Fabulous with gold, bone, and ivory!
When I’m rushing and have only a few minutes to get dressed, I grab a jumpsuit. It’s a ready outfit that only needs a few accessories!

These two pieces caught my eye not for color, fabric or detailing. I also look for structure, shape and overall form.
In photography, it’s like composing a shot in black and white.
Sometimes, it isn’t the small details but the form that makes an outfit.


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