Purple Majesty Millet

There’s only one ornamental grass in my garden and it’s quite unusual: PURPLE MAJESTY MILLET (Pennisetum glaucum). This dark purple, almost black grass with cattails was an America Gold Medal Winner in 2003.

From the dozen or so seeds I planted a few months back, only 2 seedlings germinated and they didn’t look like these:

I was waiting for them to grow more like the majestic ones in the photo above, but the torrential rains came. Beaten down by rain and wind, they just slumped to the ground and I had forgotten… until today. I was making my rounds in the garden, inspecting the casualty of the rains these past few days when I noticed one of the fallen cattails with little bright green spikes!

I had forgotten to harvest the seeds from the cattails before the rains started, while the plants were still upright. It didn’t have any green spikes before:

Since the only surviving plants were slaughtered by the rains, I decided to transfer the tiny seedlings into some potting mix.

Perhaps, this time, they’ll grow into the majestic millet they’re suppose to be! I want a cluster of these to contrast with my oregano ground cover. They don’t look so majestic unless they’re a crowded lot.
Crossing fingers!


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