Today’s featured finds: just for the hills


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

These are my just-for-fun pieces. I got tired of wearing board shorts and tees at home and really, they’re too warm for toiling in the garden.
I wanted loose clothing, cotton… and won’t succumb to wearing a house dress, commonly called ‘duster’!
NOPE. Can’t do it! Maybe a kaftan… But it has to look awesome. I haven’t found one that wouldn’t drown me!

So, I got these! The country gal in me just grabbed them from the racks, with pictures of myself wearing my straw hat, denim shorts and flip-flops dancing in my head.

What caught my eye were the embroidered panel and the white-tipped trims! I wear this all the time! The cotton fabric breathes well and just perfect for very warm days.

Such a cute top! I love the retro floral print and the minimal ruffling on the neckline. it’s not a piece I’d wear for lunch with the girls though. It’s my just-for-the-hills top. Not frumpy and not too dressed up either.


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