Etsy addiction

I am so addicted to Etsy lately! I’m even chummy with a couple of shop owners!

Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies.

Though I haven’t shopped for fashion goods or handmade stuff, I’d been lurking and admiring the vintage silverware.
My fascination with silverplated serve ware all started with this beautiful coffee serving set I recently restored.
I posted the restoration project here:

Possibilities | Rica Rants & Raves.

I had been oggling nice pitchers and posted a few of my favorites several weeks ago but after perusing the Etsy vintage silver pieces, I ended up getting these!


I chose these over so many for the design that matches the coffee set I already have. On top of that, I went into what my hubby calls “geek mode” and got myself informed about the silver plating process, the kinds and benefits of common base metals, and got acquainted with the reliable brands to look out for since the 1800’s.

Really, I had to make sure I get good value for my money! Some vintage shops here slap hefty prices on anything that remotely looks like silver. A lot of them hardly have any value. If you’re lucky, you can grab a pewter item that’s mistakenly priced as a silverplated piece. I have yet to get lucky!

I also chose these pitchers because the interior of each was immaculate and therefore safe to use for their purpose – to serve water. I also asked for more photos to check for any spots that showed any worn off plating or base metal. These were the only ones that met my requirements and budget.

I like my silverplated pieces pristine and polished since they will be used to serve food and drinks. I would accept less than pristine only for those that will be repurposed as decor or for none-food uses such as using a tarnished pot as a vase or a tray for jewelry. In the UK, heavily tarnished silverplated goods revealing brass or copper base metal are well appreciated. I would love those if they were 100 years old. But those kinds already command the prices you would expect from antiques. Not my objective for now. I need pieces I can use everyday and for entertaining when we move to the new house!

I am so looking forward to adding more pieces to my collection!
I don’t get the same thrill, actually none at all, when I browse sparkling new silverware on a store shelf of a big box store. There’s just no soul, no heritage, no thrill, no story to tell.

It isn’t the hoarding or the value of these things that gets me all excited.
It’s the adventure, the story behind each piece that I value most!


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