Today’s featured finds: folksy


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

I noticed I’m naturally drawn to tunics and dresses lately. Apart from hiding bulges from having too much ice cream, these loose articles of clothing are easy to dress up with jewelry and shoes!

I’m also into folksy pieces with embroidery and trims.
Minimalism is not for me.

This black dress is an easy choice for a lazy day. I just throw it on when I’m not in the mood to take so much time to get dressed. Sunday dinners, a quick mall errand, a trip to the nursery. Easy, and yet black always makes me feel put together.

Diane Von Furstenberg is a legendary designer whose creations always put comfort and glamour on equal ground. My heart skipped a beat when I glimpsed the label of this dress. GASP. Still immaculate with no noticeable signs of abuse, I held my breath until this dress was safely tucked in my shopping bag!
This is one of my favorite Ukay finds, no doubt. Not just for the brand but for the intricate embroidery and impeccable construction. I have yet to wear it… but maybe not for a while. It’s so special that I just like seeing it hanging in the closet to be admired! I’m actually contemplating having a bust form in the walk-in closet for my favorites. 🙂
I’d like to wear this with my hair in soft curls, up on a loose side bun, bronzer on my face with minimal make-up, my grandma’s vintage ruby set, and satin kitten-heeled sandals.


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