Today’s featured finds: shirt tunics


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

I blame it on this whole ice cream obsession and all the attempts at cooking yummy dishes for my hubby that I now can’t and shouldn’t wear fitted clothing save for skinny jeans and leggings!
Okay, there’s such a thing as exercise… and portion control. Haven’t gotten around to taking those seriously!

So, for now, I am into clothing that swings and just gently grazes parts of my body that really appreciate all the ice cream! Hence, the shirt tunics.

Structured with a slight hint of tailoring, yet not hugging and doesn’t require much fuss!
Added bonus: when I eventually drop some weight, these will look even better on me as slouchy, oversized shirts!

This dark grey tunic, with extended sleeves and flaring uneven hem, envelopes part of my upper arm with it’s small arm hole and falls above the knee. Perfect veil for the stubborn parts that I want hidden for now. Best with jeggings, chunky cuff bracelets, status rings, ballet flats or stacked heels! I’ll even wear this with a head wrap from Evita Peroni and chandelier earrings when I’m in the mood!

This bias-cut plaid tunic has the perfect sleeve length for me. The deep neckline helps balance the boxy shape. I like wearing this with tights and high boots, long scarves, with my long hair put up to declutter the neck area. This is my favorite Baguio and movie date outfit!

I am soon running out of material to post!
I may have to wander in Ukay wonderland very soon! 🙂


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