When I started getting my hands dirty in the garden, I wasn’t really into flowers. I had bromeliads and varieties of ornamental gingers that only bloomed once in a while. It was only when I started to grow plants from seeds that I became acquainted with flowering plants.
One of my favorites is the Gardenia.
I didn’t know then that this was the local rosal.
I tried growing it from seeds I got from Florida. Failed.

Then I happened to ask a vendor in a stall in Tagaytay… and I took home 2 pots of the dwarf variety. Asked Ming’s Garden… took home 8 pots of a standard-sized variety.
So now, I will have Gardenias scattered all over my garden!

It’s such a low-maintenance plant! Just give it a good amount of sunlight and regular watering and it blooms continuously! It’s not choosy with soil conditions and not really bothered by pests.
And, unlike my roses, this doesn’t need constant and strategic pruning!
I just let them be, and they grow thick with leaves and flowers.
Stress-free! I love it!

I plan to use Gardenias as hedging near the gazebo, and have pots of these near entryways!


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