Avocado Ice Cream


What to do with avocado piling up under the tree in the backyard?
Yup! Avocado Ice Cream!
Hubby’s used to scooping up the meat, adding milk, sugar and ice. But, I found a recipe in David Lebovitz’s book that looked interesting.
I had to try it!


CREAMY! It’s sooo good! More fruits had fallen off the tree… So I think I’m making another batch to give away! 🙂



  1. An avacado tree in your yard, giving you bushels of fruit, and you’re jealous of my tomatoes? Child, please!

    Guess it just proves that we all want what we can’t have… Enjoy your harvest – that icecream sounds yummy!

    • Ah, if you were my neighbor, I’d drop off some avocados and ice cream… Maybe ogle at your tomatoes!
      Because you inspired me, I took some seeds from big ripe tomatoes yesterday and put them in a jar to ferment. I just googled how. I hope I get it right!
      So true that we want what we can’t have. I tried growing Japanese Maple from seed here. Epic fail!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog!
      Have fun with your tomatoes! 🙂

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