Today’s featured finds: Country Girl


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

Having no real need for stiffling, tailored clothing commonly appropriate for more formal occasions or corporate power dressing… My wardrobe consists of mostly slouchy, swingy, breezy pieces that puts comfort above everything else while still keeping within whatever theme I find relevant to my lifestyle.

I realized that I feel most comfortable now in clothing that evoke a similar feel to Anthropologie and Free People. I just love the bohemian, prairie, country girl look… Afterall, I live in the hills surrounded by trees, chirping birds, herbs and such.

So, naturally, I was drawn to these!

This very light-weight dress in grey chambrey with burnout floral pattern has an interesting structure. When laid out flat on the bed, it forms a rectangle! The side pockets are deep and reminds me of a kimono – I don’t know why. I like how light and airy it feels, with the fabric just slightly trailing towards the back when I move forward. I wear this with a tank top, Tory Burch wooden clogs, with my hair in a slightly messy side braid or up in a bun!

White is a new color I am beginning to appreciate, just like muted pastels. In the peak of summer, I only wanted to wear white! This top is voluminous. Therefore, it breathes well. I wear this with denim shorts, sandals or flipflops. To add polish and de-slouch a bit, I wear pearl earrings. When I feel the need for a splash of color, I wear it with a chunky knotted silk opera-length necklace in shades of aqua and indigo.


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