Mint Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Crumble


Mint ice cream is a childhood favorite. I always ordered it from Coney Island in Greenhills way back! So when I found a recipe for Mint ice cream, I just had to try.

I don’t remember where I bought peppermint oil and why but I have it in my pantry. It’s a tiny bottle unlike the McCormick extracts in the supermarkets. The recipe called for extract so I tried looking for mint extract but failed to find it in Shopwise. Ignorant me, I didn’t know that oil was better than extract! I googled about it and found out that I only needed a few drops of the oil versus 2 teaspoons of extract! Thank goodness for google!

The oil bottle being so tiny against my fat fingers, I ended up putting a little too much oil on the custard. My hands were shaking with excitement! That oil is strong! I could feel the oil in my eyes even after mixing it into the custard! My heart sank. I thought I had to redo the custard. But, I didn’t want to waste the batch so I just went on with food coloring and churned it.

It wasn’t so bad at all! The mint was a bit strong, leaving my mouth minty fresh like having just brushed my teeth but it was yummy nonetheless, with little bits of Meiji Dark Chocolate.

For the next batch, I am going to be really careful with the oil, and try more expensive dark chocolate. I also want to try topping it with nuts. Mmmmm. Or, if I can find a pot of fresh mint herb, it would be interesting to try that instead of oil!

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy having minty fresh breath from my favorite dessert! 🙂


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