Today’s featured finds: Browns


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

There’s not a lot of brown in my wardrobe. Maybe a few tops, most with other warm colors mixed in a print, a few leather shoes and bags, and a brown topaz vintage set of jewelry. For me, black is easier to build outfits around. Brown needs more effort! And, with shoes and bags, overall quality has to be much better than if it were black.

So I got these to match the brown accessories I already have. Of course, I had a shopping bag full of black, white, bold colors, and muted pastels before I snagged these!

The interesting structure of this tunic top got me drawn to it. It was a bit confusing at first, with the hem uneven and stitching here and there. I love the print and how my rust Balenciaga bag bring out the warm tones. I honestly haven’t worn this. I think it’ll be a nice coverup for my orange, brown, and turquoise LSpace bikinis! Got to have the pool fixed!

This is currently my default top silhouette – flaring sleeves, wide open neckline, swingy body. It’s just so comfortable and goes with jeans and shorts. No brainer. So, in a creamy beige with delicate satin ribbon trim, this will be easy to pull on even if brown’s not always my first pick!


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