Today’s featured finds: Greys


Today’s featured Ukay finds!


Grey is one of the easiest colors to wear. It may seem somber but I always feel elegant in grey.
Lovely with white, cream, tan, and nude yet such a great contrast to bright jewel tones too!

This prairie button-up tunic is quite dainty. When I feel like being a ‘lady’ in pearls, ballet pumps, and a wide headband… This is the perfect little thing.

This is an interesting dress, with a low back and a draping, flowy layer. Very light and comfy, this would be the dress for al fresco dates. Easy to dress down with flipflops and dressed up with wedge sandals, it’s a versatile piece. I love using silver accessories with this and chunky acrylic bangles in clear, black or neon pink! On ho-hum days, I might even wear this with tubeflops!



  1. Yaz

    Sangkatutak na siguro ang iyong mga damit…I can only imagine. Do you ever get rid of some of your old stuff? What do you do? Do you donate? I can’t have a lot of clothes as we have a small house. Mike and I have 1 rule in the house. If you buy 2 new things(does not matter if its clothes, toys, shoes etc)…you have to get rid of 2 things as well. It balances what we have in the house. But it doesn’t apply all the time. I wish it would. Gosh I can’t wait to see your closet. đŸ™‚
    Great finds by the way..

    • Yazzy,
      Oh yes, so much. I tried to organize a few months back – winter/fall, poolside, corporate… I gave up after having an allergy attack from dust and mold! But I’ll have to do it when we move in to the other house. Walk-in closet for current stuff and the storage room beside the masters for seasonals. I thought I would have enough space in the walk-in but apparently they won’t all fit!
      I donate to charity and give away those that won’t fit anymore, once or twice a year. Can’t have that rule in our house! A lot of my stuff I get really attached to…some have back stories pa đŸ™‚
      Vintage doesn’t count as new! So maybe you can collect vintage too? He he.
      Come visit us when the house is all done!

      Miss you dear friend,

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