Foggy weekend in wonderland

Last weekend, I fell into my favorite rabbit hole into the foggiest wonderland. I love Baguio, the city of pines. But, I had to struggle to enjoy this particular trip.
Damp weather = mold = allergies = congestion!
My fault. I should have packed antihistamines, not just for the weather but for my adventure in Ukay wonderland. In all the excitement, I forgot 😦

It didn’t help that we ended up staying in the oldest cottage. Even with the smell of Lysol lingering in the air when we checked in, my nose was able to sniff out the last remaining dust and mold of that bedroom closet!


I must have downed more than a week’s dosage of antihistamine, Sinupret, Decolgen and Alaxan just to not let my allergy develop into flu!
But, I couldn’t let the weather nor my creeping flu get in the way of enjoying Father’s Day weekend with family. So, I just overdosed whatever was on hand! Plus, I only had a few hours for treasure hunting that had to be squeezed in!

I embraced the foggy, wet weather, most of the time shrouded in my Desigual raincoat (a fabulous yet practical purchase on a rainy Barcelona trip).





I had a great weekend nonetheless!
I refused to let the weather nor my annoying allergy get in the way of a very meaningful family celebration.

And, I really enjoyed treasure hunting with my shopping buddies, my sister-in-law Mallotte and her daughter Riana! 🙂

There’s no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes.
Billy Connelly


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