Today’s featured finds: Doll Dressing


Today’s featured Ukay finds!

I thought I would never want to dress like a doll. No, I wouldn’t mind Barbie collectibles in couture. I’m talking about those dolls with curled tresses, in frocks. But, I found myself oddly attracted to these pieces.

This top is just so elegant in 100% silk, with perfectly done ruffled neckline and self-fabric buttons. I haven’t worn this, having been torn between handwashing it or sending it to the cleaners. I finally decided to handwash it myself. It’s just too precious to let out of my sight! I would love to wear this with a slinky black skirt and stacked heeled pumps but I will have to get on my spinning bike for months to pull that off. For now, jeans or tuxedo pants will do… Perhaps a satin kitten-heeled Prada or ballet flats. Lovely with pearls, with hair up in a messy bun or high ponytail!
I must mention that I held my enthusiasm until it was in my bag… This is a Marc Jacobs piece.
Found it squeezed between sorry looking shirts.
Silent gasp… Walked straight to to the counter, haggled and paid. Happiness! 🙂

This dress didn’t call to me at first. But, after closer scrutiny, I loved the hand feel of its heavy silk fabric. Silk really feels luxurious on the skin. I love how it flutters and sways with movement. The stitching and structure of the shoulders and sleeves are also perfectly done. It doesn’t have a label but the overall quality and make convinced me that this is a valuable piece. As with the Marc Jacobs top, I have yet to wear this. I’ll probably wear this with skinny jeans and ballet flats, or tights and high boots. Perfect with loose curls or a side braid, and chunky amethyst accessories!



  1. Gosh, where does one ukay to find Marc Jacobs? I have had luck with fancy jeans at op shops, but for labels like Marc Jacobs I have to go to the ‘pre-selected’ second hand shop.

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