A Treasured Gift

A little package came for me a few days ago, from many miles away! It was a birthday gift from my bestie! Seed packets for my garden and facial scrub for my little girl, Bambina (a Chihuahua).

Gifts come in various forms. One of the best gifts I have is one that didn’t come in fancy wrapping, or bought from a store.
Truly priceless, this one gift has been in my life since childhood – my bestie, RUTH.

Ruth and I met way back in grade school… If I remember correctly – in 4th grade!
We’ve been best friends since. We shared one thing – we were two of the smallest kids in class 🙂
But she got taller, and I never caught up.
We loved to dance!

While everyone seemed to blossom early in highschool, we started out looking so naive.

But like most teenagers then, the 80’s changed us…
She was into pastels, with her short wavy hair… I had a spiky ‘do and wore bold colors and graphic patterns and even curled my tresses and wore mostly black when Madonna dominated MTV.
We’d spend summers going to the beach with friends but she hated the sun! I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of sunbathing!
We went to different schools for college and had totally different sets of friends.
But, we never lost touch.

My bestfriend got me to overcome my fear of the deep sea! Our diving days were golden. I will always owe her for that!
Ruth could swim like a fish while swimming for me is just something I learned for survival. She had serious Speedo suits while I had fancy bikinis!
I will never forget the fear that gripped me on one of our first dives. She was my diving buddy in a turbulent dive. One moment she was hovering beside me… And the next moment – she was upside down with her tank floating above her! I think I bruised my fingers trying to hang on to a rock while my other hand wouldn’t let go of her. It was a nightmare.

I eventually got engaged to a guy, a much advanced diver I met in a bar, who patiently waited with towels and Gatorade during my dive classes. Ruth implored him to promise to always take care of me, not just as my new dive buddy but for life. He listened.

And, of course, Ruth was my maid of honor! I didn’t mind at all that my maid of honor was a sight to behold, glowing as she floated down the aisle!
She sang “Ikaw” in the church, so beautifully with her whole heart.

Sadly, she migrated to Chicago a short while after I got married.
I missed her terribly 😦
So, every chance I got, I flew to Chicago!

We met up in New York for a weekend too!




And though I wasn’t able to fly out for her wedding, we celebrated her 40th birthday in the freezing winter of Chicago!





I am looking forward to our great Europe trip – sharing paella and tapas in Spain, gelato and pizza in Italy, and Macarons in France. Plus, my hubby and I are planning on a special guest room by the pool of the new house for my bestie’s future visit!

Not everyone has a handful of true friends, and fewer have a friend they can call “bestie”.
Ruth and I are lucky indeed, that the distance between us don’t matter at all.
Although we share interests like shopping, fashion, decorating, hair and makeup, diving, photography… There are others that are unique to each of us. Ruth has never been a dog person but she claims to be godmom to my Bambina! And I’m the only one crazy about gardening!
We appreciate each other’s uniqueness and know that we’ll always be there for each other no matter what and where.

More than any of the material things, or experiences I’ve had, or places I’ve seen… Having a bestfriend enriches my life the most. It is one valuable gift one can hope to have in a lifetime.


The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.
~Elisabeth Foley



  1. You lucky, lucky girls!
    If everyone had friendships like this, there’d be no need for therapy…
    Treasure each other always!

    • Thanks! It’s enlightening that you likened a true friendship to therapy. I do believe it helped us both go thru seemingly insurmountable crisis in our lives. I wish for a world where everyone has a best friend! In her absence though, I find that gardening helps pacify my soul.
      Btw, I planted tomato seeds today! Good luck to me! 🙂

  2. Rica!! How truly lovely 🙂

    • Thanks, Winnie! Like in the classic movie “The Sound of Music”‘… I must’ve done something good.
      I am so lucky I have a bestie, and some really good, true friends like you!
      Life is good 🙂

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