What to do with all this rain?!


(Not my photo – just a generic wallpaper!)

It’s been pouring for days now. Wet season has indeed started. How I wish we had Spring, Fall and mild Winter but in this part of the world there’s only dry and wet seasons!
My plants are happy though. And, I don’t need to lug the heavy hose to water the garden twice a day!
Charlie’s bored though 😦


Poor baby! He’s usually patrolling all around the house, chasing off bugs, cats, and leaping by the gate to announce himself to hopefully innocent passersby.
Charlie’s my constant gardening buddy – always beside me as I tinker in the garden. He even snuggles by my feet when I’m busy planting seeds and repotting seedlings.
My gentle giant… the operative word being ‘my’.
I think he’s conflicted about the rain. On one hand, it’s nice and cool for napping. But, on the other hand or more approriately, paw, it just isn’t like him to just be lethargic all day.

That describes me too on these never ending rainy days.
Like Charlie, I can’t decide if I’ll just be happy for my plants or annoyed with cabin fever. I am a veranda dweller. I like having my coffee and tea outside with the gentle filtered sunlight grazing my skin. Staying indoors reminds me of being cooped up in the office for twenty years! I like breathing in freshly processed oxygen from my garden, not the stale air inside the house. Nothing beats fresh air. Not even with a dehumidifier and ionizer indoors.

So, what to do when it rains for days!?

Collect rainwater!
Aside from helping conserve tap water, rainwater is much healthier for plants. It’s rich in vital nutrients like nitrogen and sulphur. Ever notice how plants look so healthy and vibrant after a rainy day? They get the best source of natural nutrients from rain!
So, I keep clean, empty pails (repurposed from the renovation site materials) outside and use the rainwater instead of the hose.


While rainwater’s being collected outside, I try to do stuff in the house that’s better to do when it’s not sweltering hot.

Make ice cream!
Not in the mood for frozen desserts in this wet weather? Well, in this part of the world, the next day can be dry and hot as summer!
I’ve learned the first time I tried using the ice cream maker that at over 90F, the freezing bowl will start to thaw the second it’s out of the freezer. It will not freeze ice cream at all but just keep the custard mix cold and aerated. In this rainy cool weather, the bowl will not thaw as fast!

Make soup!
I love thick, rich, creamy soups. But it’s just not as enjoyable on days when it’s so sunny and warm. I like having steaming soup as Hubby and I sit down for a meal while the pouring rain pelts everything outside, while the cool moist air seeps thru the windows.
For lunch today, I made real mushroom soup with two kinds of mushrooms, olive oil, butter, cream, and freshly picked organic thyme from my garden. Hearty, comforting, yummy!

Other things I want to do but just too lazy to start:

Iron my handwashed, silk Ukay finds.
Best done at night or in cooler days, I really should be ironing today. But, it’s such a chore! Can’t seem to get up and do it.

Read a book.
My iBooks library is bursting with over 800 books and growing! Aaargh. So overwhelming! What is wrong with me? I think it’s a sickness to hoard so many books and not be able to finish one. I get distracted, or fall asleep, then some other title becomes more interesting than the one I should finish. I don’t know why I keep on doing it!

First few titles of some of the categories in my library:







The thing with ebooks in these multi-tasking multi-gigabyte gadgets is that there’s just so many things jammed in a tiny package. One can get so easily distracted by a game, by net surfing, by any of the hundreds of apps! Gone are the days when I just pick up a book and that’s all there is to it. There is world of difference in the tactile experience of taking a book from the shelf, gently turning the over, and leafing through each page. Sometimes I miss that. I even miss the smell of paper! But, I do appreciate not having to carry 800+ books in my purse, not to mention a 13inch laptop and a game console! Practical? Oh yes! But, it puts reading books in the outer realm of my consciousness.

So I do have a lot to do when it pours for days, weeks, even months!
But, I miss the sun… and poor Charlie needs his romp!

Hoping for sunshine soon…

Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
– Susan Ertz



  1. Different parts of the world, same problem…been raining here for days. No weeding, no planting, no new photos, no blog post…
    Spent yesterday cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, and staring out the windows…
    Anything but ironing! πŸ˜‰

    • I tried! Got an invite to dinner with the neighbors who throw fancy cocktails and dinner parties. Got tempted to wear one of the pieces I’ve been meaning to iron. And, decided to just pick something else … One that didn’t need any ironing πŸ™‚
      As for gardening, I just planted some tomato seeds, morning glory, wisteria and st. John’s wort. Extremely frustrated that I can’t tinker around the garden. In this part of the world, it seldom drizzles. Rain pours like sheets of water or big droplets!
      I also wanted to do some organizing but I’m allergic to dust and mold so it’ll have to wait until it gets warm and sunny again, hopefully tomorrow.

      • I’m lucky – Hubby is very little use in the gardens, but he irons! Well, if I ask him to…
        Best of luck with the baby plants. The tomatoes and morning glory should be pretty easy-going. Don’t know how wisteria does from seed, but I know it’s pretty easy to root cuttings if you keep them moist.
        That party sounds DIVINE, by the way…

  2. Elisa Michelle

    You should send some of that rain my way! It hasn’t rained where I live enough, and we’re in a drought (which is odd, even for summer). Anyway, your dog is adorable!

    • Hi! How I wish I can send some rain to your part of the world! It finally stopped raining this afternoon and we celebrated with cocktails and dinner at a neighbor’s who seem to always get everyone to drop any plans when they send out invities! Perfect cap to a wet and dreary week – really good wine, wild mushroom soup, lamb shoulder, wild boar pate, more tapas with names I don’t even remember, homemade kahlua, and decadent chocolate cake. Heaven πŸ™‚
      Charlie says thank you, for saying he is adorable! You should meet the other 3 dogs… Small ones with huge personalities. They tend to overcompensate! LOL.
      How’s your weekend? Hope it’s going great! Congratulations on your first editing job!

      • Elisa Michelle

        Hey, at least your neighbors know how to celebrate! That chocolate cake sounds divine. I’m happy the rain stopped so your dog won’t look so miserable. Poor thing, he’s just too cute. Aw, what type of dogs are the other three? Little dogs tend to have way more bark and flare. We used to have one, she was hilarious.

        My weekend is going okay. I’m trying to fix my insane sleeping schedule, but other than that, I’m looking forward to a lot of relaxation. And thanks! I hope I can keep this editing job for a while, since it’s what I want to do (aside from write novels).

      • This particular couple can really entertain! The challenge is figuring out what to serve them when it’s our turn! Yikes! Oh, the pressure!
        I am such a novice in the kitchen!
        The other 3 dogs are: a Shih Tzu, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Chihuahua. The chichuahua, the only girl and weighing only 5 lbs, thinks she is the 100 lb dog! Reigns like a queen!
        You write novels?! Wow! I am in awe.

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