Morning Glory

On with the craziness! I am growing more vines! MORNING GLORY VINES, this time!

More vines in my garden from my previous post:

Crazy for vines « Rica Rants & Raves.

It would’ve been easy enough to just buy Morning Glory vines from a nursery. But, I’m too fascinated with growing anything from seeds. My bestie sent me seeds for two kinds of Morning Glory, so that’s even more exciting!

Heavenly Blue will add a touch of unusual color to my garden! I’m yet unsure where these will go but I’m thinking these would grow fast enough to cover perimeter walls.
I hope I take care of them well enough to get a lot of flowers!


Cameo Elegance is one variety that I haven’t seen in nurseries. The variegated leaves are so interesting! Flowers outlined in white are quite unusual too. This would be nice in an arbor.


The seeds germinated overnight! Now that is fast!


I took photos at mid-day and late afternoon too. Scary how they grow so fast!



I’ll post an update in a few weeks! I hope a lot of them make it!



  1. One thing you’ll have to watch with morning glories in your climate is the seedlings that will come up next year. It’s going to be hard, but you really have to be ruthless in pulling up all but a few. Left to themselves, they can bring down whatever structure they’re growing on in a few years’ time…

    If you can find the white, night-blooming moonflower, that would add another layer to the beauty of your vines…

    Happy growing! Your seedlings look mahhh-vel-ous!

    • Yikes! That’s if I take care of them well. I’m still not sure if any will survive. That moonflower sounds interesting… Add to shopping list 🙂
      Thanks for the warning though. I am going to watch these vines!

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