How I welcome the sound of the taho vendor’s voice yelling “taaaho” as he slowly walks through our street in the morning amidst chirping birds and the gentle flutter of butterflies in the garden! I’m lazy in the mornings, lounging by the porch with my coffee. But when I hear the taho vendor, I almost jump out of my chair to grab 20 pesos (less than 50 US cents) for a 16oz glass! 🙂

A common street food here in the Philippines, Taho is peddled in busy commercial streets to gated villages and even served with a gourmet twist in some restaurants.
I prefer the peddled kind!

Taho is simply soy bean curd, sweetened with sugar or molasses syrup and topped with tapioca. Some like it cold but I like it warm which is exactly how it’s usually sold early in the morning.
It reminds me of freshly made soft tofu that I sorely miss since the first time I tried it in Tokyo.

Too bad I live almost at the end of our street, which is quite a steep climb from the main road. Sometimes the vendor rans out of stock before reaching me. Just as well, Taho is healthy and low in fat but the sweetener is not. Best to have it only once in a while 🙂


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