Glam and Fab in the Kitch

One piece of clothing that I find myself wearing more and more these days is an APRON.

I don’t remember who gave me this plain canvas one I am using now but I kept it from the old house because it has a snake skin patterned pocket.

Toiling in the kitchen is tiring, sometimes messy, sometimes such a chore… So if I used to put so much effort in dressing up for work (when I had a so-called career), why then shouldn’t I want to look glam and fab in my own kitchen where work is so much more gratifying?

In my years as a corporate slave, I felt more in my element sitting on a tall offfice chair behind a big desk than in my kitchen. I honestly felt rather insecure and out of place by the kitchen counter. I should’ve tried wearing these fab aprons to at least look like I belong in the kitchen!

Tempting to just click away and buy jazzed up aprons online but I’ve been wanting to use my sewing machine! This is a project waiting to start!

Some inspirations I found online:






I’m hoping to start this DIY project soon!

I don’t pretend to be an ordinary housewife.



  1. Are any of those from Anthro? They’ve got great ones! My daughter – kitchen-goddess/new mom/fashionista is soo into them…

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